Mobile and web based application/content delivery changed the way companies interact with customers. This application space requires the use of back-end applications which are very fast, scalable and easy to launch. Still the challenges like performance, user experience, scalability, time-to-market, ease of use and learning and content delivery in various devices.

Lately, JavaScript applications have proved beyond contention that they can deliver.

Development Model
  • Agile or Iterative or Waterfall
  • Project planning, Cycle definitions & Deliverables
  • Client interaction
  • Testing
  • Delivery
  • Requirements
  • Initial Prototype
  • Review
  • Revise & Enhance the prototype
  • App Architecture
  • Data structure
  • Models, Views & Controllers
  • Adaptors
  • Integration
  • Review & Revise
Development phase
  • App programming
  • Data design implementation
  • Sample data
  • Integration programming
  • Unit/Module level testing
  • Reviews & Changes
Systems Integration
  • App components integration
  • Integration testing
  • Reviews
  • Systems testing
Staging & Production
  • Staging
  • Customer Reviews
  • Go Live

InApp Analytics

InApp Analytics provides analytic views inside your App. The visualization is directly within the application user interface to improve the context and usability of the data.

Integration made easy

REST APIs provide programmatic access to read and write data inside the App. It has a HTML5 / CSS / Javascript driven user interface for easy re-branding. A full featured set of analytics capabilities are made available in your deployment atmosphere.

Access any Data

Modern Apps leverage a variety of data sources ranging from traditional databases, NoSQL engines to third party Apps. InApp connects to any data source and simplifies the App architecture.

Native to Cloud

Embed Visualization into SaaS or Cloud based applications easily. The platform supports JavaScript API, REST based APIs, and HTML5 web front end architecture with flexible security integration.

Dashboard Analytics

Our analytics services team specializes on transforming raw data into meaningful and useful information which can be used in making effective strategic and operational decisions and insights.

  • Advanced dashboards: Drag & drop information to build visually striking representations of data
  • Ability to generate detailed reports showing new trends
  • Gain total visibility of all systems instantly
  • Ad hoc analysis: We help you analyze masses of raw data in seconds
  • Operations Insights: Discover the hidden patterns in your data
  • Visual presentation of performance measures
  • Ability to identify and correct negative trends
  • Measure efficiencies/inefficiencies
  • Comprehensive data: Combine multiple sources of data into single view
  • Quick Information Sharing: Export presentations to other applications
  • Real time answers to questions

  •    Interactive
  •      Responsive
  •    Data Visualization
  •    Native to cloud
  •    Any Databae
  •    Data Exploration
  •    HTML 5
  •   CSS 3

Bigdata storage scales horizontally to economically distribute processing and storage across inexpensive commodity hardware. Unlike traditional data warehouses which require data to be in the right format, Bigdata storage can store and process data in any format.

Raw data, both structured and unstructured, can be infused, stored and processed at an incredibly low cost while also being fault tolerant and redundant.

Bigdata gets created from apps with heavy volume user interactions, application generated data like logs, errors & system messages, weblogs etc. ETL is the primary way to get the variety of data into the big-data environment.

We take a structured approach -

Requirements & Analysis

Conduct discussions with the business and technical managers to understand the data sources. Assess the requirements and benefits. Prepare a plan for proof of concept (POC), which accomodates the client agreed checkpoints.

Proof of Concept (POC)
  • Define the scope and configuration for the POC,
  • A data load from data sources. Enforce encryption of key data, wherever applicable.
  • A data mapping and execution plan for POC
  • Stage POC data in the target environment
  • POC data validation by client
  • Process approval by client
ETL & Data Validation
  • Process scope definition
  • Client formalities to get data source access
  • A development Hadoop Platform
  • Data mapping, design plan and Process approval
  • Data Extraction and dumping into the dev Platform
  • Process the extracted data
  • Load the processed data as per design plan
  • Process/Data verification by client
  • Target Hadoop environment information
  • Schedule the one-time batch data Extraction
  • Process the one-time extracted data
  • Load the one-time processed data
  • Schedule the regular batch data ETL
  • Client signoff on the Process/Data

We provide ongoing maintenance for your network hardware and software using certified resources. You pick the service levels that best fits the environmental needs —24x7 coverage to 8x5 coverage.

Server Installation & Management

We provide Server installation, upgrades, maintenance, and migration services for businesses in medium and enterprise segments. If you are looking to Install File and Print, Database, Email or upgrade your Server environment our Server Installation and Professional services team can help you get started.

  • Microsoft/Linux Server Installation Services
  • Server Upgrade Services
  • Virtual Servers Configurations
  • Server Updates and Patch Management
  • Exchange Server Installation and Support
  • Server Management and Maintenance
Remote Network Monitoring
  • Continuous device monitoring of critical network systems (servers, routers, e-mail, WWW, etc.)
  • Proactive trouble alerts sent to Technical Support Center
  • Saves time and money by identifying network and application trouble before it occurrs
  • Installation and configuration
Managed Security Services
  • Continuous monitoring of your firewall for viruses, hackers, spyware and network attacks
  • Enforcement of remote access policies
  • Daily, weekly and monthly activity reports of all firewall activity
  • Restricted access measures (e.g. to block access to gambling or pornography sites)
  • Quarterly proactive network intrusion scans
  • Installation and configuration
Remote Data Backup
  • Remote data backup capable of archiving workstations in compressed storage
  • Daily Incremental backup and weekly full backup
  • Runs automatically, unattended 7 days per week
  • Ideal for executive workstations or critical laptops, workgroup and business application servers
  • Recovery & restore
  • Installation and configuration

Searching for great tech talent? Let us get the pros you need: Our professional services team comprises of technology experts who are up to speed on the latest technologies, tools, resources and systems. We can help you overcome the challenges by providing you the exceptional technology talent.

We help you achieve a number of business goals including industry and technical experience that accelerates the quality and speed of development and avoiding the cost and time required for internal training and skill development.

Our professional services team provides skilled resources to work under your direction to help you develop, maintain, manage and support your applications.

As a result of our exclusive focus, we have acquired in-depth knowledge of these hard-to-fill senior IT positions:

  • Business Systems Analysts
  • Architects
  • Developers/Programmers
  • Network and System Engineers
  • Data Warehouse Experts (Data Architects, Analysts, and Modelers)

Our team comprises of senior IT professionals, who can contribute substantially to even the most complex projects with the tightest timelines. Whatever the scope or length of the engagement – whether you’re looking to augment existing team, or backfill a lapsed need or a regular solution model, we can seamlessly fill in the gaps.

App Development

App Development

Using Node.JS, Express.JS, MongoDB, Cassandra, Angular.JS, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, responsive web apps etc.



We solve problems using data visulization, KPIs, extract insights from data, d3.JS, Javascript, Tableau/Qlikview

Big Data

Big Data

We work with dataset sizes beyond the ability of commonly used software tools to capture, process and extract insights and spot business trends.



Our resources are skilled with Network operations center, security, virtualization, Server adminsitration, lifecycle management and optimization